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Stock room

Daytech Instruments routinely has a few extra parts left over after fulfilling our customers’ purchase order requirements. Utilizing our ERP software, which helps to streamline the manufacturing process of our customers’ projects, allows us to keep an exact inventory of any over-run of parts. This is especially helpful to our customers when a single, expedited part is needed due to unforeseen circumstances. We can let you know over the phone if we have the part in stock and can deliver it the same day, with no extra expediting costs of rush machining. We also regularly run blanket orders of hundreds of parts, delivering small quantities at a time, and store the remainder in our climate controlled stock room until they are needed.

 Part marking

With our Epilog Fibermark laser, we can laser PO/MTR/part information on the tiniest of parts. Laser engraving is one of the most visually appealing and fastest ways to identify parts. We can also laser sequential serial numbers and even bar codes, if required, on a vast array of materials.